Sealy Australia

In 1881, the first Sealy mattresses were made. In the 1960s Sealy Australia began local manufacture and is long considered ‘Australia’s Favourite Mattress Brand’.

Sealy Stretch

Premium Fibre Blend
Comfort Layers
PostureTech ST Coils
Edge Guard

RRP $1,200

Premium Wool Fibre Blend
Gel Infused Comfort Core
PostureTech ST Coils
Unikey® Edge

RRP $2,300

World Leading Design

Many mattresses look the same, but when you examine the design and quality of the components, they can be worlds apart. Sealy leads the industry in research and development. Decades of research and development have led to patented technology that lies at the heart of every range. No aspect of quality is left to chance.

Made & Sourced in Australia

Sealy source their components locally, right down to the steel used to make the springs. Sealy have a NATA accredited testing facility to test every mattress component to comply with stringent Australian quality standards. Local manufacturing is essential for both the economy and the lives of everyday people. And the loyalty Sealy shows their workers goes both ways.

PostureTech ST springs,
six turns for comformance,
twice tempered for
performance and durability.